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1. Overview


This blog began as a way to stimulate prayer among God's people by considering various reasons that are given in the Bible.  Once we approached the conclusion of a series of 52 reasons, we decided we could extend the scope somewhat by considering reasons to use the other means of grace that God has provided, so we moved on to consider the following subject areas:
We do not believe that all the possible reasons to take advantage of the means of grace are, or will be, contained in this blog.  Perhaps the reader can add to the ones presented here.  What is clear, however, is that God has been very gracious in supplying the means by which we can grow more like the Lord Jesus Christ and has been careful to explain in great detail just how beneficial these means can be to the believer.

It is our prayer that the readers of this blog may be provoked to greater use of the means of grace, and therefore to greater Christlikeness and greater love for the Lord.