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Sunday, March 6, 2016

26 Reasons to Fast

Believers who fast are perhaps seen as slightly odd, or as super-keen fanatics in the 21st century church - throwbacks to an era that we have left behind us as the church has adapted to suit the modern age.  But is this true?  It's good to go back and see what the Bible has to say on the topic.

For our readers, here is an outline of a study on the subject that should help us understand more fully what the Bible has to say about fasting:
1What is fasting?
2Should Christians Fast?The example of JesusMatt 4:2
3It is "when" and not "if"Matt 6:16-16
4Jesus predicted His disciples would fastMatt 9:14-15
5The example of the early church - they fastedActs 13:2-3
6How should we fast?DiscreetlyMatt 6:18
7Not for meritLuke 18:12
8Not in a selfish spiritZech 7:5
9With a heart of compassion, not bent on contention and strifeIsa 58:4
10With a heart that is sincerely wanting to follow the LordJeremiah 14:12
11With rejoicingZech 8:19
12Why should we fast?For additional graceMatt 4:2, Matt 17:21
13When making important decisionsActs 14:23
14For guidanceJudges 20:26
15In times of earnest prayer2 Sam 12:16
16To humble ourselvesPs 35:13
17Not to twist God's ArmIsaiah 58:3
18To seek the Lord more intentlyDaniel 9:3
19As an outward manifestation of sincere repentanceJoel 2:12, Jonah 3:5
20When should we fast?In times of conviction and mourning over sin1 Sam 7:6, 1 Kings 21:27
21In times of grief and mourning the dead1 Sam 31:13. 2 Sam 1:12
22Grieving over the state of the churchNehemiah 1:4, Ps 69:10
23To seeks the Lord's helpEzra 8:21
24In times of great trouble2 Chronicles 20:3
25In times of persecution and afflictionsPsalm 109:24
26What have we learned?

Rather than go with the general opinion of the age, it is much better to base our Christian walk in all areas on the teaching that God has provided for us in the Bible, and hopefully this study will assist us to do this in the area of fasting.